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Saturday, July 21, 2012


This post is a collection of photos that didn't fit exactly in my other San Pedro posts, starting with a few from my wonderful homestay with the family of Maria and Manuel. That's my room on the top with the diamond window.
Here's the view from the open area of the house to my door
and in reverse.
The views included beautiful flowers as well as interesting perspectives on the San Pedro volcano and the lake, day and night.

The view I awoke to after a night I did laundry.
Those of you who have traveled in Central America or have followed my blogs have seen strangely wired 'death head' showers; some people call them suicide showers. This isn't 1 of the worst but take a look at the (not very sticky) electrical tape by the shower head. 8-O
At least mine had a high ceiling; here's a photo of my beloved nephew Stu, in the low-ceilinged version downstairs which he shared with the family. Stu is 6'6" and a great sport and embraced the whole experience including agreeing to this photo (thanks, Stu).
For anyone who lives with Manuel and Maria, many of the happiest memories are in the kitchen where the food is almost as sparkling as Maria's companionship.

Jesse was a house mate the 1st week (seen here with Maria and me), then he moved on and
Stu moved in.
It was hard to get the whole family together since Lufi (left) and José (right) are away at school much of the time; missing from this late night photo is the youngest sibling, Adamary.
The Cooperativa school offers culturally significant activities, some of them lectures about the genocide period and the (so called) peace accord with a local scholar, Juan Garcia, others videos and slide shows on powerful subjects.

And Wednesday night is salsa night with school director, teacher, and dance instructor Luis.
Every other Friday students are encouraged to visit the families the school helps support and hear their stories. Again this year I visited Maria, a talented weaver

and her neighbor and sister Manuela who has developed a sewing business with the help of her daughters.

I also set up a dinner meeting with a local man named Felipe whose family I lived with in 2010. Felipe was shot and tortured by the military in the early 80s and lived to tell the tale - a powerful evening.

I visited his house the next day to say hello to the family which includes 4 carbon copy boys in various sizes.

Director Lorenzo and his family live below the school; his kids are fun and photogenic and I've enjoyed watching them grow up, too.

Rosie sharing photos of them on her iPad.
Part of 'the group' - good people and wonderful traveling companions.
Stuart and his teacher (and director) Antonio hit the books.
Here are a few more pictures of the study areas and garden of the current school.

The Fridays that don't include family visits offer a dinner at the school, prepared by staff and with proceeds going to their social projects.

This is the view from the deck of the school; the Beca group will be staying in the white hotel at the end of the rainbow.
Here are some (fairly random) San Pedro scenes including my favorite internet hangout and licuado (smoothie) bar, Café Atitlán.

Football (aka soccer)
Mynor with his mother
Further highlights: carriers, flowers, sellers, dogs, and old guys.

¡Hasta luego!

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