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Monday, July 30, 2012

TIKAL - Afternoon & sunrise tours

After we saw Rosie and Jesse off, we headed into Tikal for a late afternoon visit. The cost of the entrance ticket for me (a foreignor) was 150 quetzales or about $20. Since I was staying in the park and Roxy was with me, the guards stamped it good for the next day. The following morning we entered early for a sunrise tour which was an additional 100 quetzales or about $13; if 'd waited until after dawn to enter I wouldn't have had to pay for the 2nd ticket. Only those staying at 1 of the 3 hotels in the park can enter for sunrise tours so don't believe San Juan tours if you're staying in Flores and they try to sell you a sunrise tour.

See her?

Real Maya graffiti - Roxy knows so many of Tikal's secrets!
Clever, strong masonry, no mortar.
I had a nice room at Tikal Inn (Syl - I think it was the same 1 you and I shared in 2007).
After my 1st real in 2 days
 I took a dip in the lovely pool before heading to bed.
Roxy and arose before 4 and headed out through the dark forest toward Temple IV and the sunrise.

Poor confused ants - they'll never find their way home that way!
Good morning, little friend!
Good morning tree gnome gazing down at gigantic toad (pronounced 'hee gahn teek' since we're in Guatemala).

Temple I
1st light viewed from Temple IV

2 toucans had views as brilliant as ours.
Spider monkey


Jaguar skull

I think Roxy called this foundling a lady palm; she was concerned about where it was and packed it along to plant in a better place.

More spider monkeys

I love this view of the back of Temple I; it was the 1st peak we had as a family of the temples at Tikal in 2003.

Blue Morpho butterfly larvae
Black Howler monkeys

Sensitive plants - I didn't move the camera between shots but touched the plants which shrank away, not wanting to be eaten.

Teeny hider - good bye!

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