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Sunday, July 29, 2012


I'm not sure what nice offering of food brought it on, but in the night I was violently ill (but just me, so probably something from Friday as opposed to Saturday); here is a photo of my close friend. Thank goodness for the ciproflaxin I pack along and that Mario's has clean bathrooms as the experience could have been much worse.
I awakened feeling wimpy but appreciably better - a nice surprise! We caught a shuttle and headed to Chichicastenango. The van waited with our luggage at the lovely Hotel Santo Thomas while we did a quick loop of the Chichi highlights.
The crowded aisles,
the gorgeous produce market in the commercial building,

the steps of the Santo Thomas church where Maya and Catholic tradition intermix,
the quieter church on the opposite side of the market,
and my favorite stalls, those of Lucia (pictured below) and Arturo, the carver.
From Chichi we headed to Antigua to drop off the 2 staying there for the night. Who should happen along but my beloved nephew Stuart for a final hug; I really needed that hug and hadn't realized it.
Next stop was Villa Toscana near the airport in Guatemala City, the last stop for Sue, Chris, and my consuegra, Sharon.
Villa Toscana is in a gated community which can = safety in any city, but in the US you don't usually have guards with semiautomatic weapons manning the gates.
The final shuttle stop was GUA airport where I checked in for my flight to Flores.

Completely spent (and apparently uncharacteristically without a desire to snap photos at every turn), I arrived and was greeted by my dear friend Roxy Ortiz; we stopped for a nice dinner (I just fed my tender stomach a plate of white rice) before heading to her mother's place, La Mansione de Pajaro Serpiente,   for an earned night's sleep. Good night!

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