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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Also on Thursday I headed up the hill in tuktuks with a small group to the home of Juan Carlos where 4 Beca mothers including Juan Carlos' demonstrating their weaving prowess in a variety of styles using back strap looms. After admiring their expertise each of us got to give it a go, gratefully on simple projects they'd set up for us and not on their master works. I really enjoyed this activity, watching artisans, learning more about how the process works, and sharing the time with group members, our teachers from the Cooperativa, and the weavers themselves. An added bonus was that 2 of our Beca students, Juan Carlos and Rosa Yanira, were there helping. We enjoyed a traditional food (soup? drink?) made with cooked white corn, black beans, lime, and spices including ground pumpkins seeds before we headed back down the hill on foot.

Carlos Fredy's mother

Evelin Elena's mother

Juan Carlos and his mother, father, and little sister

Rosa Yanira (right) and her mother

Our turn!!

Time to eat!

We also visited the Kamoon Project houses, built or planned for the near future. Here's a photo and Florinda and her husband and 2 youngest daughters whose beautiful new house was completed a year ago last spring.

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