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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hi, all!

After Jennifer left I settled into a cozy routine - breathing in sunrise every morning on the terrace, enjoying the views inside and out throughout the day and night, shopping and people watching at the market and around town, connecting with Beca Project students and their families in the afternoons, sorting photos and FaceTiming with loved ones in the evenings.

Mynor and I visited a total of 13 families, in 3 cases with the sponsors in tow, a special joy. I was able to attend a Baptism where 4 dear friends served as Godparents and 2 more graduations, threw an ice cream party on the terrace for the graduates whose ceremonies were scheduled after my departure, and celebrated with meals out, at Ti Wachooch, and in a student's home.

I think the photos below will paint the picture of my final 2 weeks in San Pedro, well spent.

Ti Wachooch!

Antonio with Max

Josefa and Mynor and their boys ready to head to Costa Rica

Maria and friends

A cobbler set up shop across the street


Meat shop

Peanuts drying in the street

The corn mill nearest our house

San Pedro (Saint Peter)

Lorenzo with Elena and Lorencito

Beca Project family visits



Ice cream party on the rooftop terrace of Ti Wachooch

Smokin' Joe's BBQ

Celebrating Mariano's graduation - he showed up at my door with fabulous rice tamales

Celebration lunch with Juan

My last evening I watched the 'Super Moon' rise over the lake and felt ready to head home to my best beloved.

The next morning I combined a tuktuk, a boat, another tuktuk, and a share shuttle to arrive in Antigua for another night at Casa Cristina and a bit of exploring.

La Merced

La Recollección complete with wedding photo shoot and young friends.


Santa Catalina

The next morning I was on the terrace before sunrise for one of the best shows of the trip: to the south, Volcan Agua in the starlight...

in the east, the sun rising behind La Merced...

and to the west, an active Volcán Fuego and the Super Moon setting.

I had chocolate crepes and a 4 seasons smoothy for the road at Fernando's with good cat Misha on my lap, then headed to the airport for my flights home. 

Another colorful, entertaining, heart-warming, memorable adventure. :-)

You can find the complete photo collections for this trip HERE.

Happy trails!