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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


On 2sday a group of us headed up the hill to the home of 1 of our Beca students, Jose Nehemias. His mother, the mothers of Maria Osorio and Miguel Xet, and the sister of Josefa Angelina (who at 21 is raising Josefa and 2 younger sisters and has been for years) were preparing lunch for us and in the process taught us how to make tortillas and prepare a traditional soup with tomates (like small tomatillos), roasted tomatoes, grilled shrimp, toasted tiny dried fish, and tiny peppers. The house is very humble and the heat and smoke and aromas were pretty intense. The air was also thick with laughter and friendly conversation in 3 languages - a memorable meal.
The mothers of Maria Osorio and Miguel Xet showing us how it's done.
Josefa Angelina's sister (in blue) was especially patient with us. Either that or she was saddled with the job while the other, older women continued with other parts of the meal. That's Josefa in purple.

 The littlest teacher, Jose Nehemiah's sister.
The large, smooth, circular ones are the teachers' offerings and ours are the lumpy ones in case you hadn't already guessed. The tiny dried fish in the pan are toasting.
Taking the husks off the tomates.
Maria Osorio's mother stirs the tomates over an open fire.
Jose's mother takes a turn (see roasted tomatoes lower left).
Peeling the tomatoes

Smashing them and cutting onions.

Cooking the shrimp on the comal.
Almost ready to put everything...

Adding picante

I introduced Theresa to Miguel because she works with his sponsor.

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