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Friday, July 20, 2012


We visited families again this week, usually 2-4 per day. As before, culling more photos from this set would take more brain cells than I have to offer right now so I've included LOTS. Happy trails!

Pedro Ixcamparij and his mother and some awesome artwork.
Maria Cecilia with her parents, Mynor, and me. Her father has been hired to be the guard at the school and with the additional money they've been able to start an addition to their home so Maria Cecilia can have her own room and the parents can have more space with a new baby on the way.
Reading a letter from one of her sponsors.
Her dad climbed their tree to pick some fruit for me - can't remember the name. You eat the peel and a bit of (tart) fruit off a large pit.

 Julissa, her grandmother, her cousin, and I look at photos from her sponsor.
Julissa likes art and her sponsor, an artist, sent some wonderful art supplies down for her.

Sharing family photos with Sharon (ShahRONE) and her mother. Her mother is raising Sharon and 2 younger sisters on her own - a houseful of strong, intelligent women. They love animals - I got to cuddle with an infant rabbit their raising.

Eugenio is a sweetheart; here he is meeting his sponsor and I.
With his parents
Their kitchen
Juana Mikaela is sponsored by a group of friends. She got to meet some last summer and several more this year.
Juana is a talented artist. Her mother told us (through our translator, Mynor) that her art teacher wouldn't give her a grade for her art because he didn't think she'd done the work; she had to complete a picture at school so he would believe her.
Her little brother is also an aspiring artist.
Juana as a little one (a picture of a picture).
Coffee and something like muffins

Rosalinda has a group of sponsors, too, and got to meet 2 of them this week.
Sharing pictures

I enjoy seeing the kids' artwork and school work; this is a page in Rosalinda's science notebook.

Outside Rosalinda's house
Sharing photos with Pedro Abimael's grandmother. Last year their home was one of the most humble, with old adobe walls and an open fire for cooking. Their church found a sponsor who paid for a new home to be built in the same location - much more comfortable and safer.
Pedro's little cat loves bread.
Visiting with Juan Navichoc and his parents.

More nice artwork!
Juan gave me this hand-stitched purse he made in home ec class.
Dorcas' favorite class is English. She's very outgoing and enjoyed sharing her work.
We sang school songs in English together - Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes anyone?
Dorcas was the queen of her school and talked me into trying on her sash and carved wooden crown. Happy trails!

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