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Monday, July 9, 2012


Monday morning the local corn mill cranked up before 6, vibrating windows and rattling teeth while it ground the corn for neighbors' breakfasts. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes (panqueques in Spanish) with bananas and honey and conversation (in Spanish) with Maria and housemate Jesse, I headed to the Cooperativa for my reunion with Mynor and my 1st day of class. I learned, among other things, that all the grammar rules associated with imperatives in Spanish drop from my brain without use and that the Cooperativa is building a new school here in San Pedro. So beloved is the current school with its lake views and garden that I'm still processing that news. Mid morning Mynor and I headed to the site of the new school where crews were completing the founding for the office and patio areas, stacks of vintage tiles lay stacked ready for installation on the roofs of the study rancheras, and the amiable and talented garden artist from the current location, Delfino (pictured talking to Mynor), was already hard at work. I could squint my eyes and see their vision.

After lunch (3 meals/day in my homestay) I ran errands like getting a new sim card for my little Guatemala cell phone and visited friends from previous host families Mikaela and Alejandra. Here are a few photos from the day including 3 from the beautiful park by the Catholic church.

Can you see the small boy peaking out of the display on the left as the trucks squeak by each other?

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