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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Hi, all -

We're in! There is still work to be done but Mike and I are loving living these last few precious days of our trip here in Ti Wachooch, our little home away from home in Guatemala.

We spent much of Thursday afternoon removing construction detritus and scrubbing it clean.

Mynor's parents and Josefa's father came at 4 to help with the furniture. We put down carpet squares the carpenter supplied to protect the unfinished wood floor and swung open the gates on the narrow balconies on the 2nd and 3rd floors facing the courtyard. All the appliances and large pieces of furniture were secured with ropes and then lifted and hauled from the walkway below to the 3rd level with assistance from a group on the 2nd floor balcony. Sacks and stacks of items I had purchased in Xela in August that have been stored downstairs in Mynor and Josefa's house were hauled up the stairs, then we took a break together and a formal portrait to record the occasion.

We had originally hoped to come down last week and move straight in. When that wasn't possible, we spent a remarkable week living downstairs with Mynor's family and ate every meal with them; such a wonderful opportunity to get to know them better. It was also a great experience to watch the windows and doors and wood floor go in and give opinions about remaining decisions, especially for Mike who didn't have that opportunity in the summer like I did.

So for now, here we are!

After we leave, the crew will come back to finish with the windows and doors, finish the floor, add shelves and cupboard doors in the bathroom and kitchen, and touch up the paint. By the time we return in March (yay!) the furniture will be finished, too - tables of various sizes, chairs, stools, headboard and nightstands. We will have frames made for some of our favorite Guatemala, Beca Project, and family photos and decorate the walls with folk art and textiles.

2 more photos: our 1st full moon while living in Ti Wachooch, and our 1st sunrise, both taken from the terraza.

Happy trails!

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