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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hi, all!

This is a patchwork post to fit in some of the things we are loving here that don't fit specifically in the theme-based posts. 1st - more food!

Buying roasted peanuts in the market

Market produce

Manuel helping with dinner

Out for tacos

and coffee

2 more of Josefa's wonderful meals

I love bumping into Beca friends - sometimes a dozen or more in the walk from centro to our place; the 1st photo is with our 1st Beca Project student, Andrea, and her mother.

Visiting Petronila, the latest recipient of a Kamoon house - the Cooperativa Spanish School's home building project.

Visiting with another friend in San Pedro, formerly from the US.

Happy times with Mynor and Josefa and the boys, at home and away

Some random shots around town


Views from the terraza

3/4 view

And of course - such a joy to watch the progress on Ti Wachooch, our little home. Looks like we will be able to do some cleaning and start moving our things in tomorrow; the carpenter will still have projects after we leave. 

Checking out the wood floor (yet to be stained and varnished)

Manuel's scary scorpion sucker with a new floor backdrop.

Carpenter Manuel installing the front door!

Happy trails!


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