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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hi, all!

As mentioned in the previous post, we arrived in time to take part in Día de los Muertos - Day of the Dead - festivities. The cemetery in San Pedro is just a few blocks up from the house. I visited 8 times over 2 days and have chosen my favorite photos from each visit. I hope they give you a feel for the importance of this festival and how special it was to visit at different times of day and night and especially to visit with Mynor and Josefa and their extended family.

Early Saturday morning the cemetery was quiet and most of the people there were either decorating the graves and tombs of their loved ones or had been hired to apply new paint and lettering.

My 1st visit with Mynor and Josefa's family was Saturday afternoon. They shared special memories of their family members and friends who have passed as we made our way along the paths.

This band was hired to play a few songs at a nearby tomb.

You will notice little kite fliers in many of the photos.

This is the tomb of Josefa's grandfather who passed away in April. Mynor is talking to his 5 year old about him, the only great grandparent Antonio is likely to remember. 


I returned with them in the evening to place candles.

By Sunday morning the place was transformed and filled with lots of individuals and families and the whole range of human emotion.

By Sunday afternoon there was a group of singers or a band at every turn. Such a rich sensory experience! The smell of flowers, candles, and incense, the colors and textures of the tombs and the clothing, and the chords of the marimbas will stay with me and spring to life on future visits to the cemetery, even if I am the only living soul.

So many wonderful beloveds have passed from my life; I am grateful to have learned more about honoring their memory this weekend.

Best wishes,

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