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Saturday, August 16, 2014


Here is the last post for this trip. This morning after breakfast I hugged my way out the door of my homestay, hiked to the dock, and took a lancha across the lake to Panajachel where I shopped and people watched before my share shuttle left at noon. As always, the trip took longer than the advertised 3.5 hours but there were some interesting folks to share the ride and I am experiencing (for this trip) a rare dose of privacy at cute little Villa Toscana near the airport in Guatemala City. I fly toward home in the morning, so ready.

I have chosen a small collection of photos to show the progress on the little home ('Ti Wachooch' in Tz'utujil) that Mike and are having built in San Pedro on the top of the home of our friends, Mynor and Josefa. It will also be a base for Beca Project meetings, workshops, tutoring sessions, guest speakers, and conversation groups. I have really loved checking in every day or 2 and will miss that. I am very pleased with the progress, the quality of the work, and the decisions we have made, some of which are noted below.

Here is the view from the entry area in mid July,

in early August,

and yesterday.

The sitting area and kitchen in mid July

and yesterday. Note the mosaic tiles which will also top the tiles in the bathroom. You can see the edge of the sink on the right; the stove will fit in the opening and the fridge will go to the left of the counter.

The bathroom in mid July

and earlier this week. Note the floor tiles which will also grace the bedroom, sitting area, and kitchen floors. The base cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen will have wooden doors and shelves.

Outside in mid July

and earlier this week - roof details and railing.

The stairs also have new railings but have yet to be tiled.

Here's the tile for the entry area, stairs, and small balcony (nonslip).

The dining area will have this wood flooring. We have also ordered (from the same carpenter shop) wood doors and windows, a small dining table with 4 chairs, a bar shelf under the kitchen window with 3 stools (similar to the chairs but taller), additional kitchen shelving, 2 small tables for the sitting area, a large built-in for the bedroom, and a headboard with 2 nightstands.

Here's the color I chose for the walls, beginning with the stairways and including the entry area and the interior walls.

We will also add a shade cover for part of the terrace above. I was thinking palm roofing but was advised that it wouldn't hold up in the wind as well as plastic or clay tiles. The tiles will be more attractive and cooler than plastic so they're the winners.

Next trip we will have this nice new place to live plus a perfect base for Beca Project meetings, study groups, activities, and fiestas. Also this gorgeous view (I wanted to show 360 degrees but 240 degrees was all my iphone would allow).

I am very grateful to Mynor and Josefa for their willingness to enter into this joint venture. Sharing space and time with their family is part of what we look forward to most.

You can find the complete photo sets for this trip HERE.
Happy trails!

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