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Sunday, August 3, 2014


You can buy produce, eggs, meat, and household items any day of the week in San Pedro but Wednesday and Sunday are true 'market days' and Sunday is the big 1. Vendors come from other towns and villages and much of what is needed for the week is purchased by locals.

I won't patronize you with too many descriptions - you should be able to grasp the variety of locations and items on offer without them.

Host family members Lufi and María.


2 Beca moms in 1 shot

Things to entertain the men: axe heads and machetes.

Beca mom and brother

Beca chica and friend at work, Beca mom at right

When my eyes were full, I headed back to the basket lady and bought the purple 1 at right.

On the walk back to my host family's house, a parade!

Beca brother, with sign

Beca student, left

You can find the complete photo sets for this trip HERE.
Happy trails!

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