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Saturday, August 2, 2014


I passed 2sday night and Wednesday in the throws of a decidedly unphotogenic illness, likely the result of some of the beautiful food consumed with relish during family visits.

We rescheduled missed visits for next week and hit the ground running Thursday with 8 visits, then 4 more Friday. Highlights below!

Friday afternoon I attended a talent show put on by (what in the US we would call) the senior class of a local school which included 3 Beca Project students and 1 of the brothers pictured above. The event took place in an open air venue outside of town, the site of Beca celebration lunches in 2011 and 2012. I was blessed to be invited and loved the entertainment, despite the tech chicos love of strobes and color changes during even the most tame acts and the fact that I had to leave before the end (after 4 hours!) to make my next appointment. Hopefully these few photos will speak to the variety.

Beca brother Kevin and Beca student Mariano

Tono and Mariano, center and right in the back row

Dorcas, on right

My next happy appointment was meeting 16 or 18 Beca kids and some of their parents and siblings to take them shopping for clothes, shoes, corn, and needed household items. No 2 alike!

Today - Saturday - has been a relaxed, quiet day. Tomorrow I plan to spend the whole morning in the gorgeous San Pedro Sunday market, people, food, and textile watching.

You can find the complete photo sets for this trip HERE.
Happy trails!

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