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Monday, April 17, 2017


We missed more than 3 days of Semana Santa (Easter week) this year because we were trekking; these photos start with festivities leading up to Semana Santa ('Receiving the Fruit' that will be used for decorating the church and the town, near our house) and include a variety of processions and the alfombras (street carpets) in both San Pedro La Laguna and San Juan La Laguna.

Max enjoys the parade.

The ladies with incense blessed the baskets of fruit and the pods before the men carried them away.

Palm Sunday

Teams start building the beautiful alfombras (carpets) for the Good Friday parade around midnight. We enjoy walking the parade route in the early morning as they're completing their masterpieces.

The procession

Fellow procession watchers.

The new, huge anda - 60 people carry it.

Cleaning away what's left of the alfombras after the last anda.

In neighboring San Juan the alfombras are created through the afternoon for an evening procession.

A women's procession late Saturday afternoon.

We also enjoyed sharing a North American tradition - coloring and hiding Easter eggs - with our Guatemalteca family and some mutual friends.

The walls of our home - Ti Wachooch - lent themselves to hiding the turquoise eggs.

The 'icing on the cake' was a wonderful extended family gathering at the beach (on the lake out the Finca Road from San Pedro) - delicious food and great company.

Happy trails!

There's a larger set of Semana Santa photos on my Flickr site HERE.

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