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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


So I've made my way to the last blog post for this trip. In this post I'm tossing everything that hasn't already been addressed.

ALWAYS, a highlight of our time in Guatemala is time shared with Mynor and Josefa and their boys Manuel (left) and Antonio (right). Some mutual friends were visiting at the same time which added to the fun. Here's a dinner out.

We love our home away from home in San Pedro, Ti Wachooch. This is a view of it from the street; the bottom 2 floors are Mynor and Josefa's home, the 3rd floor is where our place is, and the terrace and 'throne' at the top we share. The hose is there because water was being pumped from the water reservoir beneath the house to the rotoplas tank on the roof.

Here are some of the views from our home and the terrace, starting with folks sorting dried corn.

A bucket brigade pouring a new roof


A morning view of Volcán San Pedro

Sunset over Las Cristalinas (Indian Nose)

We visited our friend Anne who is living in San Pedro for 6 months and has 2 young boys attending school there; the 2nd photo down is the view of our terrace from her terrace - neighbors!

The white building that says 'IMEBDC' in blue is the school most of our youngest 3 crops of Beca students attend as well as older students studying Business Administration.

Another highlight of San Pedro is shopping in the market. Here I'm buying chia seeds for my breakfasts.

The same booth: copal lit up by the early morning sun

The big corozo palm pods we see around Semana Santa hold these fragrant seeds, used for decoration.

Fruit lovers paradise - much more flavorful fruit at a fraction of the US prices.

The honey is rich and complex and citrusy - the fragrance almost makes me swoon.

Mike has developed a passion for fresh peanuts roasted in the shell.

Here's an example of a morning's shopping bounty:

Here are some sample meals:

Beca student Dorcas, her sister, and another woman have started an artisan chocolate business that is blossoming. When I visited the day before we were heading home to purchase a stash for us and gifts, there were 5 women wrapping and labeling the bars and the fragrance almost knocked me over.

I bought some plastic shopping baskets to take home from this nice lady with such an interesting booth.

These shoe shine boys talked Mike into a Birkenstock improvement.

No visit to San Pedro is complete without a few visits to the Cooperativa Spanish School, lovelier every year.

And here are a few more random street photos.

Note the Harry Potter cap. :-)

This must be the most super heroish boy in town - note the shirt layers and Spiderman shopping bag warn as a cape (and his mom's smile in the background).

And just like that, our 3 weeks were over. We spent our last night near the airport in Guatemala City and I took this photo of the volcanoes that guard Lake Atitlán as we flew off, leaving beautiful Guatemala and another wonderful adventure behind us.

There's a larger set of San Pedro photos here and the entire April 2017 collection is here.