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Friday, April 10, 2015


Hi, all!

Here at last, my final post from this visit to Guatemala.

Just up the street from Ti Wachooch.

Someone's offering to street dogs.

5 photos in and around the park.

A Beca Project abuelita (little grandmother).

A string of shopping photos, starting with treat - roasted peanuts.

The market, again.

With Josefa

Egg plants with thumbs and noses.

Another lovely birthday present, in this case purchased from an artisan who is a Beca Project dad.

Huipil detail - the 1 I wore to Easter Mass that will eventually adorn a Ti Wachooch wall.


Looking from the bedroom into the bathroom (yellow) and dining area (left).

Last view from the terrace.

Last cat photo (Tom).

Last evening with Josefa and the boys - Manuel, cousin Antonio, and Antonio with my Spirograph set. Mynor didn't get to play - he was working with a prospective Spanish school teacher in the next room.

Last goodbye.

For some reason we chose to head straight to Guatemala City by road instead of my preferred way - to Panajachel by boat and by road from there. The new driver was too fast and so swervey (pretty sure that's a word) that my stomach flew out the window; stopping for half an hour for road construction was a highlight. Enough said.

So grateful for this sweet landing spot - the suite at Villa Toscana, 2 minutes from the airport.

Troublefree flights - GUA to DFW and home to Oregon; this is Crown Point (less than an hour west of our house) on the Columbia River as viewed from the plane.

Landing at PDX.

Driving up the gorge - I never take this gorgeous stretch for granted.

I also never take for granted how special it is that we get to travel so often and have the privilege of putting down a few roots in San Pedro La Laguna. We already treasure this wonderful collection of new memories but it feels nice to be back home in Oregon for awhile.

You can find the complete photo collections for this trip HERE.

Happy trails!

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