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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


On Sunday Susie, Jennifer, and I left the Mikes to fend for themselves and headed to the ferry dock at 6am.

The crossing was sleepy and uneventful and we were met at the La Ceiba dock by a driver who drove us into the mountains, along the Cangrejal River and delivered us to Omega Lodge. Mike and I had a wonderful stay at Omega in 2006 - can't believe it has taken me 8 years to return! The lodge grounds are beautiful - lots of attention to detail, friendly service, and friendly critters.

Lodging is free at Omega when you pay for a tour; specialties are rafting, kayaking, horse trips, and guided hiking. We were given a free upgrade from the guesthouse to the gorgeous Beauty View Cabin, a funky, beautifully crafted, screened treehouse-esque suite with stellar views.

We had time before lunch for a hike on the signposted trail system.

After lunch the real fun began: RAFTING. Omega has a strong safety record and a reputation for good equipment and great guides. Before we got to the hands on training and rafting, the trip included hiking,

climbing on rocks,




and looking cool.

The rocks and boulders and surrounding jungle were wonderful and our guides, Tom and Osny, were very brave in so many ways.

And the rafting was awesome!

We loved our stay at Omega - a really satisfying adventure.

Happy trails!


  1. Hi Stacey,

    My family (husband and two sons, ages 8 and 11) want to spend time on a beach, snorkeling, and kayaking as well as experience the jungle and wildlife. I'm looking to Roatan and Omega Lodge. I am concerned about safety, especially on mainland. It looks like it has been four years since you have been but do you know the current status in those two places? Both personal safety (crime) as well as health (mosquito and food born illness). It's been twenty years since I backpacked through Central and South America. Was Silvia the owner of Omega when you went? Thank you. I appreciate your help. Laurie

    1. Hi, Laurie -
      We've made half a dozen trips to Honduras but as you've noted it's been 4 years since our last trip; we head to Guatemala 2 or 3 times most years and often end up in Belize, if not Honduras. Safety is relative, even in my small rural town in Oregon; if you choose good providers and transport options you should be fine.

      With kids I think I'd avoid the east end of Roatán, stick with West End or West Bay or maybe Sandy Bay. Take the ferry or fly to La Ceiba and have Omega folks meet you for the trip to the lodge. They are very safety conscious, great guides, great equipment. Silvia and her husband have always owned that place and we met them our first visit but they were away last time.

      If you email me (hopefulist at I will share add'l health/food tips.
      Happy trails!