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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Market Day

I have decided to make the rest of this trip's blog experiencial instead of chronological. In other words, instead of posting each day's family visits, pizza lunch and shopping with Beca kids, and host family or Semana Santa activities, I'm going to combine similar activities.
Let's start with el mercado - the market! It's possible to buy produce and homewares any day but the real shopping takes place in the big open area near the municipal buildings and below the Catholic Church and park on Sundays and Wednesdays. Most of these photos were taken at a much greater distance than they appear. Often I photographed a large scene so the focus of my attention wouldn't feel uncomfortable with my camera in their face. Then I'd approach and ask permission to take a photo of their beans, spices, vegetables, or fruit; you'll see a few of those combinations below.
My favorite activity of the day was shopping for corte, traditional woven/wrapped skirts; I'll post those photos in the next post. My 2nd favorite activity was buying spices from Abner. Shhhh! Don't tell Mike his present is going to be fresh spices. ;-)

The buyer apparently wanted fish weighing the same as 1 piece of metal and 2 rocks.
Dinner followed by dessert


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  1. Very nice photos. Makes me want to go back to Guatemala